HOW TO MARRY A DIVORCED MAN (ReganBooks-HarperCollins) by Leslie Fram is an indispensable guide to meeting, mating, and marrying a divorced man. It is the first and only guidebook designed to inform, support, amuse, comfort, and empower the millions of women who are dating divorcés-and the many more who someday will. Entering a relationship with any man is daunting, but entering one with a divorced man means navigating a host of new and complicated problems: his guilt and denial leading to intermittent emotional remoteness, his X and their children, a resumed sex-life as a single man, as well as his legal and financial affairs thrown into disarray by the divorce.
In HOW TO MARRY A DIVORCED MAN, Fram combines fundamental knowledge, guerrilla tactics, and humor to help women conquer their prospective mate’s issues so they can achieve love, intimacy, and ultimately, marriage.
Packed with exercises, quizzes, and anecdotes, HOW TO MARRY A DIVORCED MAN offers all the tips and tools that women need to eliminate the agonizing guesswork and pave the way to a fulfilling relationship. Fram offers her readers the following:
  • Specific questions for gauging his emotional availability: is he damaged goods or a keeper?
  • Tips on how to deal with the X in your live: minimize, minimize, minimize.
  • Practical information about the legal implications of his divorce: will your hard-earned paycheck go towards his X’s orthodontics?
  • Advice on co-existing peacefully with his children: and even happily, assuming they acknowledge your presence.
  • Pointers on how to establish a home together: and start a family together.
  • Strategies for shedding his past unresolved issues and rebuilding his capacity to love again: to make him yours.
HOW TO MARRY A DIVORCED MAN will help any woman involved with a divorced man build a love that is lasting, strong, and secure. Whether she is contemplating dating divorced men because of their high propensity for marriage, or has had a few dates with a divorced man and is wondering what the future might entail, or is already in love with a divorced man and yearns to hear wedding bells chime, or even, is already married to a divorced man and needs to steer him back on track-this book is for her.
    The advantages in pursuing divorced men are numerous:
  • With a 50 percent divorce rate, divorced men are everywhere.
  • Divorced men have a proven track record of being the marrying kind.
  • They are housebroken and already know how to live with a woman.
  • If they are good to their children, this is a built-in indicator that they can be responsible, loyal and a good parent.
  • After their failed starter marriage, they now know what they want in a mate and are more realistic about the amount of emotional work required to maintain a successful relationship so that they don’t have to live through another divorce again.
With HOW TO MARRY A DIVORCED MAN, finally, women will be able to triumph logically and emotionally over the challenges imposed by their men’s prior lives in order to secure the love they desire and deserve.
    By Leslie Fram
    Hardcover / $22.95
    On-sale February 4, 2003
The foregoing is excerpted from How to Marry a Divorced Man by Leslie Fram. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced without written permission from HarperCollins Publishers, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022.
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