LESLIE FRAM, like so many of today’s career-oriented women, surprisingly found herself in her 30s and single. Having been an editor at Seventeen and Cosmopolitan, an executive at Hearst’s website Women.com, a fashion designer for her own women’s clothing company, and having danced with the New York City Ballet before receiving her B.A. from Barnard College and her M.B.A. from Columbia University, Leslie had a successful life — yet no mate to share it with. Finally seeking marriage, Leslie discovered that the only available pools of men to date were lifer-bachelors and divorcés.

When she started dating a divorced man, she soon became overwhelmed by the complexity of his life, its effect on their intimacy, and disappointed in the lack of support material available to her. After living and working through the tribulations related to his divorce, now happy, Leslie and her divorced man have been married for four years, live in Northern California, and have just had their first child — women everywhere will be able to benefit from Leslie’s experience and hard-won wisdom.
“Having been kicked in and out of divorce court more times than I care to recall, I could not put down this book. It’s a must-read for any woman about to take the fateful plunge with a divorced man. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
—Janice Dickinson
Author of NoLifeguard on Duty:
The Accidental Life of the
World’s First Supermodel
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